The secret of how to make potatoes sprout

The secret of how to make potatoes sprout
The secret of how to make potatoes sprout

The secret to potatoes sprout. You can achieve this in two ways.

  1. Most gardeners plant tubers with 2 cm sprouts. Without destroying the fragile shoots, it is easier to send them to the field. If we take the tubers from storage 20-25 days before planting and keep them at room temperature away from light, we can get this planting material.
  2. If we have vernalized them (preheated in 45-degree water for one hour), then put them in a container, spread a layer of moist peat or sawdust, and spray them every other day, in the same period, Tubers with sufficient light will form 3-5 cm buds, look at two or three leaves. This method is beneficial to early potato lovers.

Potato germination is an important measure to prevent diseases and high yields in potato cultivation. Propagation before sowing can promote early maturity and increase yield, and there will be no shortage of seedlings during planting.

At the same time, during the germination process, diseased potatoes can be eliminated, which is beneficial to all seedlings and seedlings.

Here is also another method of germination:
The seed potatoes are layered with sand, about 3-4 layers thick, and kept at a temperature of about 20°C and often moist.

To keep it moist, you can weave it on the surface of the potato with straw. Straw mat, sprinkle water on the mat, seed potatoes can germinate in about 10 days.

When sprouting, soak the seed with 0.1%-0.2% potassium permanganate for 10-15 minutes or soak it with 2% thiourea for 20 minutes to improve the germination effect.

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