How much water does thyme need? Planting for tips

How much water does thyme need Planting for tips
How much water does thyme need Planting for tips

How much water does thyme need? Water regularly, but do not over-water it. For thyme, slightly dry soil is more likely to survive than too much water.

Allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering. Water every five to seven days, which is sufficient for a small potted thyme plant grown in one room.

Thyme is drought tolerant, but if the air is very dry, water every two days.

Thyme is a drought-prone plant and cannot tolerate standing water. Water should not accumulate in the pot, otherwise, the roots will rot and the leaves will start to dry out.

Watering should be moderate, not necessarily from the tray, but you can water the soil from above, but not on the leaves.

If the tray, then excess water must be drained after 20 minutes to avoid suffocation of the roots. Do not water frequently and let the soil dry out.

Thyme practically does not require additional fertilization, you can only apply fertilizer in the spring.

The best way to preserve it is to plant it in open ground, in full sun, where there is no water retention.

It overwinters well, but it is best to prevent the roots from overwintering with a small amount of mulch. You can put it on your balcony now.

If you want to cultivate it in indoor conditions, you will need cool temperatures 12-15°C (53.6-59°F) in the wintertime and at the beginning of spring – extra light.

The main thing when growing thyme in a pot is not to let it dry out! Because although he is very resistant to drought in pots, it reacts very painfully to it.

But on balconies and windowsills in the south, it dries out quickly and irreversibly!

Why thyme roots have rotted. The water should not be kept up all the time. In addition, the room is obviously very dry.

In rooms where potted crops are overexposed to humidity and coolness. Try moderate watering and spraying with water from a spray bottle for a few days.

Also, please remove it from a hot windowsill in direct sunlight. When he is sick, you can expose him a little.

In general, keep it in moderation and if you are staying a few days before going to the cottage, it is best to take him there.

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