How to fertilizing apple trees. Some Tips for beginners

How to fertilizing apple trees
How to fertilizing apple trees

Apple trees now have different planting methods in different regions and how to fertilizing apple trees, especially when the winter is cold, their methods of keeping warm are also different.

Apple trees have different care methods in different regions. When choosing a variety, you must choose the appropriate variety according to the climate and temperature differences in your area.

There is a lot of rain and weather in the area where you live, so you must choose varieties with better waterlogging resistance, and targeted planting can solve more problems.

This article explains to you how to add nutrients to fruit trees.

If you want to know when to plant it, please read “What will be the proper time when planting an apple tree“.

Number of fertilization

Fertilization is generally divided into two types: basic fertilization and top-dressing. The time for supplementing nutrients should be determined according to different varieties and the law of adding fertilizers and the specific growth results of the tree.

In general, fertilization is divided into four times throughout the year.

First fertilization

Before the tree flowers bloom, it is about April to fertilize;

Second fertilization

After flowering, these two fertilization can effectively promote its germination and flowering, and can timely supplement a large number of nutrients consumed by flowering, increase fruit setting rate in time, and promote new side branches Grow.

Fertilization is also required for the differentiation of flower buds and the expansion period of fruits, which is between May and June.

The third fertilization

This fertilization is mainly to meet the nutrient needs in the process of fruit expansion, branch growth, and bud differentiation, and this fertilization is mainly potassium fertilizer.

The fourth fertilization

Generally in autumn, around September, the main application is based on farm manure.

Carbon should be applied in accordance with the total amount of the whole year. In order to fully exert the effect of chemical fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer should be used together with organic fertilizer;

After being accumulated and decomposed, it can be used after uniform mixing, so as to provide the nutrient requirements of the apple tree during the growth process.

Deeply apply nutrients

The important role of applying base fertilizer is to increase the nutrients in the soil and lay a good foundation for the growth of fruit trees in the second half of the year;

On the basis of the four fertilizations described above, consider spraying some foliar fertilizers and other nutrient fertilizers, which can promote the nutrient increase of fruit trees.

There are a lot of planters who don’t divide deeply after picking. This will only result in a sharp decline in the output of the fruit tree in the coming year. You must eat enough base because it will also have a certain nutrient demand after picking.

Let the roots absorb fertilizer

The nutrient absorption of fertilizers is mainly absorbed by the roots. Therefore, the nutrient absorption of fruit trees mainly depends on the root’s absorption, so the roots must be fertilized.

This can also improve the use of fertilizers. The fruit trees are more closely related between ground and underground.

In general, the distribution range of horizontal roots is about 1 to 2 times that of the canopy, but most of them are still at the outer edge of the canopy.

However, with certain differences in soil and management methods, the distribution of roots in general fruit trees is relatively deep, reaching 70 to 80 cm.

More than 80% of the root system is based in the soil of about 60 cm, and generally like peaches, their root systems are relatively shallow, but most of the main absorption is in the shallow soil;

Therefore, when supplementing nutrients, the roots should be evenly dispersed according to this feature, the deep ones should be applied deeply, and if they are shallow, the depth of fertilization should be appropriately changed.

Organic fertilizer decomposes very slowly, but it provides nutrients for a long time, so you can also apply shallowly.


The above is about how to fertilize apple trees. I hope it can help with more growers or beginner.

It is recommended that when fertilizing, you can judge that the depth of fertilization should not be too deep according to different growth stages of growth, otherwise the nutrients will not be provided too much, and more fertilizer will be wasted.

There is a chance in the application. Fertilizers must be decomposed before they can be used. Otherwise, too many nutrients will easily cause burns, which will be counterproductive and affect the yield of fruit trees.

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