What are the benefits of celery

This is celery - benefits of celery
This is celery – benefits of celery

Celery is a plant belonging to the Umbelliferae family. There are many varieties. It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, carotene, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, etc. At the same time, the smell of celery is relatively strong, so in some places, it is called “Medicinal Celery”. Celery has many effects on the human body.

Celery is a common vegetable that we usually sell in vegetable markets or supermarkets. So what are the nutritional value of celery? What are the effects and benefits of celery?

Nutritional value – benefits of celery

1. Dietary Fiber
Celery is food with relatively high dietary fiber content, which can speed up the operation time of feces in the intestines, thereby reducing the chance of harmful substances in contact with the intestinal mucosa, and has a good chance of preventing colon cancer.

2. Iron
Celery has a high iron content, which can supplement the human body’s missing blood. It is a more suitable vegetable for patients with iron deficiency anemia, especially those with pale skin and dull complexion.

3. Zinc
Celery also contains zinc element, this element is related to sexual function, it can promote people’s sexual excitement, celery is also known as “husband and wife dishes.”

In addition, celery glycosides, organic acids, carotene, vitamin C, volatile oil, and other substances in celery also have good value to the human body.

The benefits of celery

  1. Lower blood pressure
    Celery contains substances that can lower human blood pressure. For hypertensive patients, you can often eat some celery.
  2. Calm and soothe the nerves
    Regular consumption of celery can help stabilize the mood and help calm the nerves and eliminate irritability.
  3. Prevent cancer
    After celery is digested in the intestine, it will produce lignin and intestinal fat, which is an antioxidant that can inhibit carcinogens produced by bacteria in the intestine.
  4. Nourish blood and nourish deficiency
    Celery has a relatively high iron content, which can play a role in supplementing blood. Patients with iron deficiency anemia may wish to eat more celery.
  5. Clearing away heat and detoxification
    For people with excessive irritability, the skin will be rough, and they often suffer from insomnia and headaches. You can eat some celery appropriately, which is very helpful for alleviating these symptoms.
  6. Lose weight
    Celery is considered a negative-calorie dish. This is because the calories consumed by eating celery are much greater than the calories consumed, so people who want to lose weight may wish to eat more celery.

Note-the benefits of celery

Don’t eat too much celery at a time, it is better to take 30 grams each time, which is more conducive to absorption. Studies have shown that eating celery will reduce semen output.

People with low blood pressure and weak spleen and stomach should stop eating celery, otherwise, it will aggravate the symptoms. Another thing is that celery cannot be taken with a soft-shelled turtle, chrysanthemum, chicken, or crab, otherwise, it will cause physical discomfort.

Improve the quality of human sleep. Celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure. In addition, celery can also improve the quality of human sleep. This may be related to the alkaloids contained in celery.

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