What are the benefits of cabbage

This is fresh cabbages - benefits of cabbage
This is fresh cabbages – benefits of cabbage

Cabbage is also called cabbage, also known as broccoli and cabbage. Cabbage comes from the Mediterranean region of Europe. It is one of the most important vegetables in Europe and America. It belongs to the Brassica genus of the cruciferous family.

There are many benefits of cabbage, which will be explained in the next paragraph.

Cabbage is an annual herb that relies on seeds to grow. The fibrous root system, short stem, about 2 to 3 feet high, base leaf nearly round, green or purple-red, leaf margin is serrated, petiole green-white or purple-red, leaf bulb oblate, yellow-white or purple-red, total Shaped inflorescence, yellow corolla, round seeds, reddish-brown or dark brown.

Nutritional value – benefits of cabbage

1. The water content of cabbage is high (about 90%), but the calories are low. However, the calories in most shredded cabbage salads are 5 times higher than simple cabbage. Because salads often contain fat-rich seasonings, I want to control my diet to lose weight. It’s best to make salads with low-calorie dressings.

2. Cabbage is rich in potassium and folic acid, and folic acid has a good preventive effect on megaloblastic anemia and fetal malformations. Therefore, pregnant women and patients with anemia should eat more cabbage.

3. The nutritional value of cabbage is almost the same as that of Chinese cabbage, and the vitamin C content is about twice as high.
In addition, cabbage is rich in folic acid, which is an advantage of cabbage vegetables.
Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene, etc. The total vitamin content is 3 times more than tomato.

4. Rich in vitamin U. Cabbage is rich in vitamin U, which has a good therapeutic effect on gastric ulcers, can accelerate wound healing, and is an effective food for patients with gastric ulcers.

Benefits of cabbage

1. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
If there are some bacteria or inflammation in the body, then you need to take certain measures to anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. In addition to some of the well-known drugs, you can actually achieve this effect by eating cabbage.

Of course, this may not be obvious, but it is absolutely safe and feasible. Cabbage can play a role in anti-inflammatory and sterilization. It can help relieve some throat pain or stomach pain and toothache, and there will be no discomfort. , Because it is a safe vegetable after all.

2. Moisturizing the bowel
The nutrients in cabbage can not only replenish a lot of energy for the human body, but it can also improve the body’s gastrointestinal function. Many people have poor digestion and often have some constipation. Then you can improve it by eating cabbage.

Cabbage can make your intestines more lubricated, can stimulate defecation, can eliminate some toxins produced in the body, and can inhibit the production of toxins, so eating cabbage to protect the intestines is also a way to learn.

3. Improve immunity
People with low immunity are not uncommon in our lives. Such people often have some symptoms, such as colds and fevers. If they do not improve their immunity, they will have some small problems for a long time.

Improving immunity through this cabbage is definitely worthy of praise, because some of the vitamins in cabbage are very rich, which can greatly enhance immunity after supplementing the human body, so if your immunity is not good, you may wish to eat it often Some cabbage to improve.

Note – benefits of cabbage

  • Cabbage contains a lot of crude fiber, which is hard, so people who are prone to spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea should not eat more.
  • Those who have undergone abdominal or thoracic surgery and those with severe gastric ulcers should not eat more when they have diarrhea.
  • It is not suitable for people with itchy skin and eye congestion (red eyes).
  • It is best to eat cabbage raw or cooked for a short time because cabbage cooked for a long time will be less beneficial.
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