10 interesting facts about potatoes

Funny potatoes
Funny potatoes

Interesting facts about potatoes, potato is a poisonous plant, yet we eat it every day.


Potatoes are poisonous

Potatoes are a poisonous plant. Berries that grow outside the soil are harmful to human health. If he eats one or two green berries, he will get a large dose of toxic substances. Tubers are also very dangerous for people, because the underground parts of these plants turn green in the sun. One kilogram of these tubers with their skin is enough to poison the body and die.


The scientific name of the potato is Solanum tuberosum-this is how biologists call the potato. This plant belongs to the night flower family, so its relatives are tomatoes, night flowers, eggplant, and tobacco. tomatoes, night flowers, eggplant, and tobacco.

The flowers and stems of this plant are very similar. They contain Solanine (Solanine is a toxic substance produced after potatoes germinate, turn green, and ulcerate.), have a mossy appearance, and some parts are poisonous to the human body.


The most expensive potato in the world

“La Bonnotte” potatoes are grown on the French island Noirmoutier. The price of one kilogram of this island country potato is around US$1,000. This is related to its taste: potatoes are very tender, especially suitable for gourmets and rich people.

Blue potatoes

If you conduct a small experiment and drop iodine on potatoes, the vegetables will turn blue. But there is a kind of homemade potato called “Linzer Blaue”, which is naturally blue. It can be seen that not only the skin of these tubers is blue, but the outside of the seed potatoes is also blue.

Potatoes from South America

Potatoes first appeared in South America. On this continent, wild relatives of this plant grow before them. However, the indigenous people of this continent have grown domestic potatoes for more than a thousand years. The Indians “domesticated” this vegetable and later moved to other parts of the world.
This is a heart-shaped potato - facts about potatoes
This is a heart-shaped potato

The emergence of potatoes in Europe

Some historians believe that the monk Neronim Kordan (Neronim Kordan) was the first person to bring potatoes to the European continent. This happened in the second half of the 17th century. But although Europeans often go hungry due to poor harvests, they did not eat potatoes until the end of the eighteenth century. They believe that this kind of vegetable can cause various incurable diseases and cannot be eaten at all.

Potatoes appeared in North America later than Europe

North America is closer to South America than in Europe. But Europeans started eating potatoes for the first time even earlier. In 1621, thanks to the efforts of the governor of an island country, the potato flavor spread to the North American continent for the first time. That year, the governor of Bermuda gave the governor of Virginia several boxes of potatoes as a gift. Virginia is different from Bermuda in that it is part of the North American continent, so it is the first written record of the use of potatoes in the North American continent.

Potato tree

An evergreen potato tree with tomato-like berries that grow in tropical climates. These berries are poisonous, and the 15-meter-long tubers have evolved into roots. The leaves of the potato tree are large, up to ten centimeters long, and the bark is brown and rough. Its flowers are very beautiful, and its fragrance is very similar to ozone.

Space potatoes

In 1995, the conquerors of outer space had been hoping to provide fresh vitamins on board. The potato experiment has been successful. This vegetable can be grown and harvested in space.

How were potato chips invented?

In the United States in the nineteenth century, a restaurant invented potato chips, which happened by accident. Chef D. Krum listened to customers complaining that his chips were too thick. The impulsive restaurant staff finally picked up the potatoes, sliced ​​them as thinly as possible, and presented the dishes to the wayward customers after they were fried. And something amazing happened: the customers liked this new dish very much. His news quickly spread to many people. In 1853, the American restaurant decided to use French fries (this is what they call this dish) as their business card.
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