Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

Why are cats scared of cucumbers
Why are cats scared of cucumbers

Cats is one of the most popular pets, more and more people are joining the ranks of cat suckers and willingly becoming cat slaves. This is probably attracted by the cute look of cats and their docile character.

But why almost the cat will afraid of cucumber and banana?

Reason number one – why are cats scared of cucumbers: the cat’s visual guidance response

If you have a cat, you may notice that your cat inadvertently saw a cucumber or banana will jump up immediately and look of being scared to death. What is going on? Is the cat sick?

There’s a lot of video that people put the cucumbers behind the cat while the cat is eating or not paying attention to. When the cat turned their head and see it, they will shocked and jump up right away. When cat in the relaxed vigilance time, suddenly put an unknown object behind, it will also scared to them.

In fact, not only put cucumbers, as long as you put green, yellow and blue things will have the same effect. But, why?

Because cats are not the same as humans, cats are not sensitive to color, scientists study cats for color can only distinguish green, blue, and yellow, especially green.

So in its gray vision, suddenly appeared a green unknown guy, to you you will also be shocked right!

As we all know, the eyes of animals and people are different. They do not see the world as colorful as humans, cats can distinguish the color green and yellow, according to the intensity of light will have a small amount of blue, the other is a black and white gray color.

The colors in the eyes of cats are really monotonous, so don’t forget to give your cat more vitamins, feed them some vitamin tablets or vitamin powder, such as instant calcium vitamin, which has 8 kinds of vitamins, which is very helpful for your cat’s eyesight and eye protection.

Since cats can only recognize a few colors, they are very sensitive to green and yellow objects, and the sudden arrival of some other color in a black, white, and gray world can indeed be very exciting to meow.

Add to this the fact that in a particularly relaxed spirit, there is suddenly an additional unknown object behind, and the cat will become a little nervous and tense. Similarly, bananas also have this effect.

The sudden appearance of color can indeed frighten cats when they are unprepared, but if they are alert, they will not overreact because they are not particularly offended by the smell of cucumber and banana.

Reason for why are cats scared of cucumbers the cat's visual guidance response and psychological reaction of cats
Reason for why are cats scared of cucumbers the cat’s visual guidance response and psychological reaction of cats

Reason number two – why are cats scared of cucumbers: the psychological reaction of cats

Simply put, because the colors and lines of banana cucumbers are similar to snakes. The theory of evolutionary psychology suggests that the fearfulness of organisms is an evolutionary adaptor.

This involves which colors cats can see. The question of which colors cats can see has always been puzzling.

Today it is clear that it is not difficult to understand. The colors that animals can see are determined by the wavelength of light that the retina can distinguish.

The cat’s eyes can distinguish blue-green light, which is different from the human eye, the human eye can distinguish three kinds of light (that is, the three primary colors of light: green light, orange light, and violet light), the three primary colors in the art can match any color, the three primary colors of light is also the same.

Only the two primary colors of light mixed after the appearance of the color is not a mixture of colors, but the color common to both light (blue and yellow reflect green light, red and yellow reflect orange light, so the orange and green light mixed, the appearance of yellow.

This is why the three primary colors of light all mixed white light , no light is the same as black, the opposite of the three primary colors of art).

After all this, I just want to say that the color that usually looks most irrelevant to green may reflect green light, because green light and other color light, may appear yellow and blue.

The cat can distinguish the blue-green light so that its world appears rich green-blue and yellow color scale, but also a clear hierarchy of contrast said the cat’s world is only green.

In fact, it is not unreasonable, however, it does not see the original lack of green elements of objects as green (such as the human face), the human face in the eyes of the cat is close to the teal (yellow and blue, but more yellow mixture) and maroon, and then the bright red apples that do not reflect green light at all, for example, in the eyes of the cat maybe black.

In other words, the cat’s world lacks bright colors, but it does not mean that there is only pure green. In a completely warm (red and yellow) environment, the cat’s eyes are darker (because the cat can distinguish between blue and green light reflecting less well).

The retina of animals has both rod cells, which sense the intensity of light, and vertebral cells, which sense the color of light; cats have many more rod cells in their eyes than humans, and their retinas are in the front of the eye.

The light that enters the eye through the retina can be reflected back to the retina again, so the cat can see even a little faint starlight. This is why cats can see things at night because the minimum light intensity at which they can see things is one-sixth that of a human.

However, at night, cats are helpless against objects that do not reflect any light (or blue-green light), such as teal mice with protective colors (teal reflects red and blue and yellow, but redder)


Behind the fun of “scaring cats with cucumbers”, it will bring bad effects to cats.

Just want to say that if you still have a love for your cat, please do not play this prank on it.

Because this prank will lead to fear of things around the cat, and in serious cases may produce long-term anxiety, which can cause mental hair loss, or anxiety disorders (such as urinating in various places in the room, scratching furniture, chewing various things).

Or scared out of a nervous breakdown, get some disease, then it will be a real problem.

So we put cucumbers behind the cat, bring us joy, bring the cat is scared oh, this will cause the cat nervous emotions, will increase the cat’s psychological stress.

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