When is blueberry picking season? Planting for tips

When is blueberry picking season Planting for tips
When is blueberry picking season Planting for tips

When is the best picking season for blueberry in your area? Or when is the time to find them at farmers’ markets or grocery stores for local berries?

Blueberries are one of the easiest fruits to pick and store. They are so versatile and flavorful, and great when used in recipes.


We have been growing blueberry bushes since 1991. Due to the high demand for fresh blueberry picking in the area, the acreage has been increasing.

The most recent sowing was in 2008 and it takes 7-10 years for blueberry bushes to fully mature. Currently, we have 10 varieties of highbush blueberries that make up 10 acres of the entire season.


Compared to 40 other fruits and vegetables, blueberries rank first in antioxidant activity. One cup of fresh blueberries contains about 85 calories.

Blueberries have their greatest flavor when they are left in the bush for 7-10 days after turning blue. When ripe, blueberries fall off the bush easily.

Blueberries have a long shelf life – dry, refrigerated blueberries are nearly two weeks old and should not be washed until ready to use. A quart of fresh blueberries weighs about 1-1 / 12 lbs. will yield five servings.

The term “Super food” has always played an important role in our vocabulary.

People are looking to eat foods rich in nutrients to fight diseases such as cancer.

Blueberries are one of the most important foods. So it’s no surprise that they are being grown in more and more places.

Typically, most of the fruit you find in supermarkets is purchased from several states (including perhaps your own). However, I have noticed that more and more blueberries from many states are arriving on the shelves of my local grocery store.

There are no other items in the produce department that come from so many different places. I thought I would look at these states and talk about their crops and harvest times.


Nationally, you can expect the first blueberries to arrive from Florida this year, followed by other southern states and California.

Then, Texas appears before the massive New Jersey crop hits stores. Michigan, Maine, and other northern states end the year.

You can find a table of average harvest times (which may vary slightly from year to year) below. Make sure you buy locally during the season in your state.

StateHarvest time
MichiganJuly to Labor Day
CaliforniaMay to late June
FloridaLate March to late May
GeorgiaEarly May to July
TexasJune to August
MississippiLate May to early July
LouisianaLate May to mid-July
New JerseyMid-June to mid-August
North CarolinaMid-May to mid-July
OregonLate June to early August
MaineLate July to late September
IdahoAugust to September
You can find a table of average harvest times (which may vary slightly from year to year) below.

Blueberry Picking
To make the most of your blueberry picking trip, we recommend that you pick only fully ripe, round, blueberries that do not break in any way.

The darkest colored blueberries are usually the sweetest. Avoid berries that are not completely blue in color, as they are not ripe and will not be very sweet.

Blueberries ready for picking a roll-off the stem easily. These fully ripe berries have excellent flavor and are worth taking the extra step to pick the best ones!



Are frozen blueberries also readily available? They’re frozen straight from the farm and all the good stuff is locked in: nutrition, freshness, and flavor.

And, frozen blueberries are easy. (You may be able to use them more easily.) Simply make frozen blueberries into a chilled staple.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack, packing a lunch, or preparing a storm, they’re a healthy shortcut. With frozen blueberries, you no longer have to choose between good-for-you options.

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