What is the Aster flower?

This is the Aster flower
This is the Aster flower

There are many varieties and types of chrysanthemums! In the family flower world, the most commonly encountered Aster flowers are NewYorkaster (S.novi-belgii), but you will see a series of hybrid hybrids in the garden shop, some of them are gorgeous Pink, fuchsia, and dark blue. “Wild-type” species native to your area may also be available, and from an ecological point of view, it is usually a wise choice, although not as gorgeous as cultivated varieties.

Aster flowers add color to the autumn landscape, and at the same time, when caring for Aster flowers, can also bring beauty with very little work. Growing Aster flowers usually bloom in late summer and autumn, but alpine Aster flowers can also bring flowers in spring. When beautiful flowers bloom in the landscape, it is easier and meaningful to know how to grow Aster flowers.

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Botanical NameSymphyotrichum
Common NamesAsters, New England asters, frost flowers
Plant typePerennial
Mature Size1 – 6 feet. tall, 1 – 4 feet.
Sun ExposureFull sun
Soil TypeLoamy, well-drained
Soil pHNeutral to acidic
Bloom timeSummer, fall
Flower ColorPurple, pink, blue, white
Flower Zones(USDA)3 – 8
Native AreaNorth America

Aster flowers may exceed 5 to 6 feet or the type that can be densely packed and stacked with mountains. There are more than 600 kinds of Aster flowers. In a natural garden, the combination of Aster flowers and carnations will produce an eye-catching effect. When taking care of Aster flowers, the higher type is pruned to get more lush and dense plants. Depending on the species, the height of Aster flower plants can vary from 5 inches to 8 feet, so you should be able to find plants that are suitable for your garden.

Aster flowers are also chrysanthemum-shaped perennials with star-shaped flower heads that vary in color from white, blue to purple. They bring a pleasant beauty to the garden in late summer and autumn, when many of our summer flowers may wither and wither.
At last
Plants like Aster flowers have a wide range of uses and can be used in many places-borders, rock gardens or wildflower gardens, etc. Their vigorous petals appear late in the season, just when other petals begin to fall. The bright and colorful little flowers of Aster flowers will remain real and strong for years to come until the frost arrives. Aster flowers are the most popular and reliable main source of food for monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies rely on the nectar that blooms in the late season to fuel their autumn

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