What is baby breath flowers

This is Baby's Breath flowers
This is Baby’s Breath flowers

Everyone is familiar with Baby’s breath flowers. From bridal bouquets to cut flower arrangements, small and beautiful pure white flowers, fresh or dried, are used to fill the surrounding larger petals. But did you know that Baby’s breath flowers can still grow in your garden very easily?

Just plant Baby’s breath flowers in the garden, you can learn how to dry your Baby’s breath flowers, make flower arrangements at home, and share them with friends. Such plants may be annual or perennial. Baby’s breath flowers grow in rose red, pink, and white colors, and may have single or double blooms. The double-split Baby’s breath flower plants are grafted, so pay attention to finishing the cut on the grafting union.

Baby’s breath flowers are exquisite and beautiful flowers. Its pure white flowers and light green stems create an airy flower shape, which is especially suitable for any type of wedding display. You can also clarify the actual effect of Baby’s breath flowers by tying a large number of flower stems together or simply adding a part of pure white accent flowers. Baby’s breath flowers can also be used as stand-alone flowers or as decorative flowers for large bouquets. This kind of flower matches well with roses, peonies, hydrangea, and flowers chelated in bloom.

Botanical NameGypsophila
Common NamesBaby’s breath, maiden’s breath
Plant TypeAnnual, perennial
Mature Size4 feet
Sun ExposureFull sun exposure
Soil TypeWell-drained
Soil pHAlkaline, with a pH between 7 – 7.5
Flowering TimeSummer
Flower ColorWhite, pink
Hardiness Zones4 – 9
Native AreaEastern Europe and Turkey

It makes perfect flower crowns for bridesmaids and flower girls and adds a feminine appearance to bouquets and center points. Brides often use it as a lovely, natural decoration on their hair.

Baby’s breath flowers as part of the full center bouquet, or as a beautiful complement to the center bouquet of the crystal vase filled with water or the flower girl flower ball, all are very good choices. Due to their elegant appearance and affordable price, these flowers are perfect choices for DIY brides and professional flower arranging designers. Baby’s breath flowers are also particularly suitable for certain other activities, such as winter white weddings, birthday parties, etc., especially those held in spring and summer.

This classic flower shows many tiny, cloud-like small flowers covering the branches. Baby’s breath flowers is a perfect filling flower, but it can also be used alone to create a popular globe-shaped center flower and arrangement.

Baby’s breath flowers have already had some clichés in flower arrangements, but in the flower garden, you may be addicted to them again. This kind of plant looks very delicate, but in the dry sandy soil layer and cold weather conditions, they have a gritty spirit. Baby’s breath plants belong to the Caryophyllaceae family, which contains the favorites of other flower gardens, such as the perennial Dianthus superbus, border carnations, etc.

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