Top 7 tips for money tree care

How to money tree care
How to money tree care

In East Asia, Pachira Aquatica is often referred to as the “money tree”.

I believe that many friends have planted money trees, and they will always encounter various money tree care problems. Some care problems are very easy to solve, and some care problems are headaches. If the problem is not solved well, it will cause plant death in serious cases.

The money tree has thick, feather-like compound leaves, and the underground part also has large tubers. The vitality of this plant is very tenacious, so it is easier to raise. Then the money tree is used as a potted plant.
The money tree can be regarded as a very popular indoor large-scale bonsai plant. It is placed in a wider living room, study room, and living room. The style is elegant and simple, and it also has a somewhat southern atmosphere.

This kind of beautiful, regular, and world-renowned new generation of indoor foliage plants is also loved by more and more people in the world.
The Chinese believe that the money tree represents prosperity and good fortune, and it means that it is elegant and elegant, and it can also be smooth and let the family get good luck.

So how to care to make money tree leaves more lush? Today, I will learn the care skills of money tree with everyone. I hope everyone can make money tree care easier!

1. Reasonable watering

Many problems with money trees are caused by improper watering. Therefore, we need to start with watering to find the reasons if money trees are not well maintained before they can meet their growth needs.
Too much watering will cause the roots to be soaked in water, which will cause the leaves to fall off, and the leaves will turn yellow. Too little watering will lead to drought and water shortage, and the leaves will turn yellow and dry.

Therefore, when watering, we need to follow the principle of seeing dry and wet and wait until the soil in the flowerpot is about to dry before watering. Watering should be watered once, not too casual, every time. Wait until the water comes out from the bottom of the basin.
Then wait until the next time it is almost dry before watering. In this way, there will generally be no problems with watering.

2. Reasonable lighting

The money tree is a kind of plant that is more afraid of strong light. Long-term exposure to the sun will cause leaf burns.
On the contrary, if it is cultivated in a dark place, it will lead to unsightly phenomena such as lengthening over time.

Therefore, it is very suitable to cultivate money trees in a semi-shaded environment with sufficient astigmatism.
Once burned by the sun, keep it in a cool place to avoid continued exposure to strong light. If the light is not enough, we can put it in a place with sufficient scattered light.

3. Proper humidity

Money trees don’t like stagnant water and overly humid soil, but they still have a relatively high demand for air humidity.
When the air is too dry, the leaves will become dull and dull, and in severe cases, there will be falling leaves and withered yellow.

Therefore, we should usually pay more attention to increasing the humidity of the surrounding air. We can spray or put a basin of water around it when the air is dry, which can effectively increase the humidity of the surrounding air environment.

4. Pay attention to the temperature

The money tree is also a kind of plant that prefers warmth, especially in winter, we need to pay attention to cold and warm, otherwise, it will cause frostbite and fallen leaves.
However, the temperature in summer is also very high, and many potted plants consume a lot of water. We must pay attention to proper hydration. Watering should be timely.
In the evening, you can properly spray it to moisturize and cool down!

5. Fertilization management

The money tree does not have very high requirements on the soil. The money tree is a plant that likes fertilizer. It is best to apply more cake fertilizer or multiple slow-release compound fertilizers.
As long as the permeability is good and there is a certain amount of moisture, it is simple to mix peat, coarse sand, or washed cinder with a small amount of garden soil to plant a beautiful money tree.

In addition, thin cake fertilizer water can be applied once a month during the growing season, and a mixture of 0.2% urea and 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can also be used. After autumn, to stop applying nitrogen fertilizer, apply 2-30.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution.
If the temperature is below 15 degrees in winter, fertilization should be stopped.

6. Replace flower pots

When the money tree grows for one year, its pot soil has been consumed by the old roots a lot of nutrients.
Therefore, after one year of cultivating the money tree, it is necessary to change the pots in time, remove the old root system, and add new cultivation soil, so that the plants can re-absorb new nutrients and grow healthy in the new soil.

7. Control of pests and diseases

The common diseases of money trees are bulb rot and brown spot. Take preventive measures during normal maintenance.
When these diseases occur, you can use Thiophanate-Methyl (the ratio is 1 ml: 1500 ml water) and Impavido (the ratio is 1 ml: 1000 ml water) alternately.
There are scale insects in insect pests, which can be sprayed with 20% Promethazine WP 1000 times.

The above is the money tree care skills introduced to you in this article. I hope you can learn some useful knowledge from it!