How to water mint plants and precautions

How to water mint plants and precautions
How to water mint plants and precautions

Mint is an aromatic crop with special economic value. Mint is both edible and medicinal and can be used as a flavoring agent, spice, wine, tea, etc. It has a wide range of uses and has a very broad market.

Many people also like to grow a pot of mint at home, in the process of planting watering is very important to work, then how to water mint plants? What are the considerations? This article is for you to answer.


Mint plants planted in pots can be watered according to the dryness and wetness of the soil, as seen in the principle of dry watering. In the season when the temperature is high and the soil dries out easily, you can water once or twice a day.

In the season when the temperature is low and the soil is not easy to dry out, you can water according to the soil drying time, roughly once every 3 days, depending on the actual situation.


Each watering should be thorough, full watering along with the pot, subject to the leakage of water from the leakage hole at the bottom of the pot. The best water to use is clean natural water such as rainwater, river water, and well water provided by nature.

If tap water is used, it can be put into a container such as a bucket or a tank and left in the open air for two nights before use is best.

The fluoride content, bleach, and alkaline properties of tap water can easily lead to mint yellow leaves and soil caking if more of it is deposited in the potting soil.

For this, if it is already often watered directly with tap water, resulting in yellow leaves or soil caking, there is also a solution.

You can use ferrous sulfate, according to the instructions on the package, for this soil. You can also replace the pot with a new soil rich in a suitable medium for mint growth.



  1. If the mint has dried out due to lack of water, you can water this mint-potted plant promptly when you find it and place it in a suitable place for mint growth.
    A well-ventilated, well-lit, warm environment is very suitable for mint growth. Be careful not to keep the glass apart as it will block most of the UV rays.
    At this time to keep an eye on the pot has been dehydrated dry mint needs water, see dry immediately watered through.
  2. It is best if it is placed in the open air, where there is a lot of rain in the season. The mint will soon come back to life under good growing conditions, and even some of the half-dried leaves, are stretched out.
    The mint that is dry from lack of water and comes back to life will have a bare stem. Some of the leaves are already withered and fall off naturally.
  3. But don’t worry, mint bare stems will still sprout a lot of small buds, mint small buds will also grow into new branches, grow more mint leaves.
    Mint is tolerant of waterlogging, but you need to give the mint plant room to breathe. Mint plants can be grown hydroponically.
    In a clear hydroponic bottle, we can see its white root system, which is very clean. When you cut the mint branches, you can also put them directly into the transparent container with water, the mint touches the stem of the water and is growing a white root system.
  4. However, in the location of the mint stem, it is still necessary to leave some space, exposed to the air to breathe fresh air.
    The water in the hydroponic bottle, also needs to be replaced in a timely manner, the precipitation of harmful substances in it, will lead to mint yellow leaves or even withered.
    Most mint plants are edible. If it is a long-term hydroponic mint plant or a long-term mint plant in waterlogging.
    Without the proper nutrient supply, mint plants will grow very slowly. This way of care is more suitable for ornamental purposes.

The above is the method of mint watering and the precautions, each time you water the mint should be watered thoroughly, if it is with tap water, it is recommended to let it stand for two days before using it, usually pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases.

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