Information About Cleome

Cleome is a free and easy to grow plant with white, rose, and purple flowers. Cleome, the queen of mixed colors, can grow in local sunlight, and it can also grow in well-lit places.

What is cleome (Spider flower)

What is cleome (Spider flower) Many of you might have question about cleome (Spider flower) and also what is it? I'll explain some of my experiences to you. About five years ago, I became acquainted with Cleome. This powerful annual shrubby ...

How to grow cleome: Growing Guide

How to grow cleome Growing Guide Cleomes (Spider flower) are probably the least popular annuals (for plants sold in home improvement stores and nurseries), probably because they look rather cluttered. Cleome is a fascinating plant with ...

How to germinate cleome seeds: Growing Guide

How to germinate cleome seeds Growing Guide Among the annual flowering species, few plants can match the size of the cleome. It is a unique semi-shrub that is not only beautiful but also surprisingly sticky. So how to germinate cleome ...!