Information About Calla

Calla is rare, their shiny flowers and colorful leaves, and produce a tropical fragrance garden.

What is a calla lily

What is a calla lily WHAT IS CALLA LILY? Calla lily is one of two different plants in the Araceae family (Araceae). The genus Calla lily contains one species of aquatic wild plant, C. palustris, known as Calla lily, Water Calla, or Wild ...

How to care for a calla lily plant: planting tips

How to care for a calla lily plant planting tips Calla lilies are a beautiful plant to grow either outdoors or indoors in decorative pots next to a sunny window. This elegant plant is native to the swamps of South Africa and is not a lily at ...

How often to water calla lily? Tips for beginners

How often to water calla lily Tips for beginners Calla lily is a plant that many flower lovers raise at home, not only for its high value but also for its air-purifying effect. The most important thing to remember is that you can't have a ...!