Information About Calendula

Calendula gives a colorful shade of orange and gold, adding it is ideal to add a raised bed and container with beautiful colors, and it blends well with blue and purple.

How to grow calendula: from seed growth and care

How to grow calendula from seed growth and care How to grow Calendula, how to plant it from seed, how to take care of it? All the question you might have it's in this article. Calendula, or Pot marigold, is a genus of herbaceous plants in ...

Calendula companion plants

Calendula companion plants What are the calendula companion plants? Calendula contains a natural active ingredient that could be a safe and inexpensive alternative to pesticides. Scientists have found a natural way to stop insect damage to ...

Harvesting calendula: how to properly collect and dry in winter

Harvesting calendula how to properly collect and dry in winter The unpretentious Calendula is often a great addition to the garden. However, many people grow this annual plant of the Asteraceae family not only for decoration but also to be ...

What is the Calendula flower

This is Calendula flower Calendula is a well-known herb and exhilarating ornamental garden plant. It has been used in parts, ceremonies, and as a dye and food plant for centuries. It is also generally known as Calendula or Potted Calendula. ...!