How to grow carrots in water? Reply by expert

How to grow carrots in water Reply by expert
How to grow carrots in water Reply by expert

Carrots can be grown hydroponically as a small bonsai to maintain. When the carrots at home show signs of sprouting, you can promptly cut off the head of the carrot, making sure that the cut off part is about 2-3 cm, and wash it with water afterward.

How to grow carrots in water? Prepare a clean glass jar, fill it with two-thirds of water, put the treated carrots into the water, and put them in a cool and ventilated location.

After hydroponics, pay attention to change the water regularly and add the nutrient solution in small drops.


Carrots can be grown in soil, but they can also be grown hydroponically as a small bonsai.

When a carrot at home shows signs of sprouting, you can cut off the head of the carrot in time and eat the bottom part normally.

Prepare a sharp knife, sterilize it, take the carrot and cut off the head, make sure the cut-off part is about 2-3 cm, then use water to clean the carrot head, which can be more conducive to germination.


Before hydroponically growing carrot heads, you can prepare a suitable container, a glass jar with good permeability is suitable.

Fill the glass jar with the right amount of water and fill it to two-thirds of the position. You can choose unpolluted rainwater or well water, or you can pick up the tap water and bring it to hydroponics after a few days of resting.


Put the treated carrots into the water, keeping in mind that the water level of the vessel should not exceed the sprouting point of the carrots.

Place the hydroponically grown carrot heads in a cool and ventilated location to avoid excessive sunlight, otherwise, the water temperature will rise, which will easily lead to the growth of bacteria and cause rot.


Hydroponic carrots require high water quality, so you should pay attention to regular replacement of freshwater to keep the water clean, and add a small amount of nutrient solution to the water to provide sufficient nutrients. In hot and dry weather, you can spray water around to maintain humidity.


Many friends like to hydroponically grow their own plants in life, and many even like to leave the seeds behind after eating the fruit so that they can be hydroponically grown into a new plant.

Although the plant will not grow fruit again, see the lush look still feel very enjoyable, so many friends in their lives began to hydroponic carrots themselves.

I have to say that flower lover are very much in love with life, so they are always brainstorming in life, but will this hydroponic carrot thing be successful? Two problems are unavoidable.

So what do you need to be aware of? The experts have compiled a list of what you need to look out for.


First of all, carrot selection is very important. When growing carrots in hydroponics, many of you know that the method is very simple, normally you only need to select one carrot.

But in the process of selection, it is best to choose those carrots that are relatively small but healthy, and then cut the carrots flat at a distance of 3cm (0.9 inches) from the top.

Usually, carrots purchased in the market will still have a green head. At this point, you don’t need to do anything, just put the head in the water and then water the carrots.

how to grow carrots in water
how to grow carrots in water


Of course, water is beyond the control of many friends. Most of them tend to completely submerge the top of the carrot head when pouring water, but we remind you that you must be careful not to submerge the head of the carrot.

Basically, it only takes about two to three days to germinate and grow new leaves. Some friends may not be too sure, so if you buy carrots that have leaves, you must also clean the old leaves off in time.


This is the most important part of the hydroponic process. Many friends often feel that plants have a great need for light.

But this problem for carrots can be ignored, because any plant in just accepting hydroponics, do not need to have too much sunlight, then it is easy to cause the plant rotten roots.

It is also important to remind you that in the process of choosing hydroponics, it is best to pick a better-looking vessel, as many friends will put it in a vessel indiscriminately.

But this means that carrots cannot be replaced in the hydroponic process, the only way to ensure its growth, so remind your friends to pay attention to this issue at the beginning.


Another problem that needs attention is that some friends always say that carrots are very easy to rot, as if it is easy to succeed in hydroponics, but it doesn’t take long for the vitality of the carrot to start decreasing.

This problem is also very common in life, that is, carrots do rot, only the length of time, there is no way to avoid it.

However, after you find out that the carrots are diseased, you should clean the vessels immediately and it is better to change the water of the carrots as well so that the speed can be reduced.


Choosing a nice looking container can effectively enhance the ornamental aspect of the carrots. It is also very important to change the water as well as the location of the carrots in time.


Finally, I would like to remind you that hydroponically grown carrots cannot grow fruits, the carrots we eat are actually the rhizome, and hydroponically grown carrots are also the rhizome of the plant.

So normally speaking, they can be used for a while, but they won’t be with us for long.


After buying back carrots in the market, you just need to clean the carrot heads and you will get a new plant.

But friends must also adjust their mindset because there is no way to guarantee that this plant will be healthy forever, which may be cruel for friends, but this is true for any plant.

The reason why planting flowers and love flowers, is only because of the impetuous life can give themselves some peace, then the process of planting plants will be able to let us enjoy a quiet, as for the result is what, for friends is not so important it!

Title: How to grow carrots in water? Reply by expert
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