How to grow carrots in pots? Planting Tips

How to grow carrots in pots Planting Tips
How to grow carrots in pots Planting Tips

Although carrots can be grown all year round, the taste of carrots grown at other times of the year is not as good as those grown at this time of the year.

So how to grow carrots in pots? Carrots are actually very easy to grow, so you can find a pot or container at home and start growing them.

Carrots are not only delicious but also have a high nutritional value, with a high content of various vitamins, which I’m sure we all know.

And often eat carrots can also prolong life, enhance immunity, weight loss, eyesight, laxative, etc. It can be said that the benefits are very much.

Want to grow good carrots first thing naturally or understand clearly the growth habits of carrots.

Carrots like a cool growing environment, the temperature at about 20 ° C (68 ° F) when the most suitable for carrot growth.

Like loose fertile soil, the soil requires moist, breathable.

The temperature difference between day and night is good for carrot sugar accumulation, so the taste will be sweeter.


When selecting seeds, it is best to look at the date of production one day later and choose seeds from the current year’s time period.

If the seeds are from last year, it may affect the germination rate and its quality. Considering the limited space in the pot, you can also choose smaller radish, such as fruit radish, cherry radish and so on.

However, if the pot is large, you can also plant large radish varieties.


Prepare pots and soil, there is no special requirement for soil, ordinary garden soil with some coarse sand will do.

Considering the later nutrition, you can put some organic fertilizer in the bottom of the pot as the base fertilizer. The best choice is to choose a deeper pot, more than 30CM(11.8 inch) depth is better.


When sowing seeds, the seeds should not be too dense, but the seedlings can be inter-planted after germination.

Some vegetable lovers transplant the radish seedlings to other places, but this is not suitable, radish is not suitable for transplanting.

I have personally experimented and the radishes do not grow very big after transplanting. The growth rate is also very slow. After sowing the seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil.

Water well. The next time is to wait. Usually they will germinate in a week or so.


Although it looks delicate, some seem to have not yet grown true leaves, and the growth rate at the beginning is really slow, do not be anxious, you can apply some organic fertilizer every week, thin fertilizer diligently, the later will grow faster.

If the seeds are too dense at the time of sowing, you will need to interplant and pull out some of the smaller seedlings.

If there are too many seedlings, you can throw away the leaves of those seedlings that have not grown radish.

While the leaves are growing, the roots underneath are gaining momentum and growing gradually.

If the seedlings are growing and the roots are thin or even more exposed to the outside, you can add a little soil to cover it. Do not move it.


After the interplanting process, fertilizer is also applied, so at this time the nutrition keeps up, and gradually the radish grows out, and it will be harvested soon.


Whether it’s radishes or greens, growing your own, although the amount is not much, but the taste will really be better than the supermarket to buy.

And nutritious and do not have to worry about chemical residues and so on. The feeling of being a gardener, only those who have grown crops will have a deep understanding of the tiredness and happiness. And eventually there will be harvest and reward and joy.


Carrot seedlings do not grow very fast, so do not be anxious.

Pay attention to watering, because insufficient water will affect the growth of carrot seedlings in the early stage and cause the carrot to crack in the later stage, but don’t water too much, it will easily cause the growth.

Then let the carrots receive sufficient light so that they can grow well.

You don’t need too much fertilizer, you can apply some well-rotted cake fertilizer in the early stage, and you can add some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the later stage, if not, you can buy some compound fertilizer in the flower market.

Title: How to grow carrots in pots? Planting Tips
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