Top 12 of aloe vera benefits (Research Proof)

Aloe vera is a succulent plant. It is the genus Aloe. Succulents usually refer to higher plants with thick vegetative organs. They generally have vegetative organs as well as reproductive organs. The leaves of aloe vera are relatively thick and meet the above definition, so they are a kind of succulents.

There are some precious and medicinal plants in the world, such as aloe vera. Aloe vera has been known as the “all-purpose medicine” since ancient times.

Nowadays, due to the potent medicinal properties of aloe vera benefits, it has been widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Recent studies published in various scientific journals around the world show that drinking aloe vera juice can help control blood sugar in diabetic patients and reduce blood lipids in patients with hyperlipidemia.

This is aloe vera growing on a potted plant. - aloe vera benefits
This is aloe vera growing on a potted plant. – aloe vera benefits

Nutritional value- aloe vera benefits

It has been found that aloe contains about 75 active ingredients, including vitamins A, C, E, B12, folic acid, choline, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, zinc, and potassium, as well as sugars and amino acids. (Nutrition necessary for muscles), salicylic acid, lignin, and saponins, antioxidants essential to the human body. The only nutrient missing is vitamin D.

Aloe vera is very rich in calcium citrate, which can promote blood circulation. We know that some elderly people may have heart disease, which is a big problem. Why do you say that? We can keep their blood pressure normal.

TOP 12 for aloe vera benefits

Each effect listed below is supported by scientific research:

1.Treat digestive system problems

Drinking aloe vera juice daily can prevent and treat a series of digestive diseases, including indigestion, constipation, hyperacidity, reflux, and flatulence. It also helps to increase appetite and maintain weight, as well as clean up toxins in the body.

Aloe vera juice is laxative and can help digestion. Promote the intestinal flora to regulate bowel movements. It has also been found to relieve and heal gastric ulcers.

Aloe vera juice is easily absorbed by the stomach and helps to clean the digestive tract toxins, which is essential for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Aloe vera juice can even stimulate the secretion of bile in the gallbladder to break down fat to prevent accumulation and cause constipation.

According to a study in Iran, aloe vera juice can relieve abdominal pain and flatulence in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

According to another study in India, aloe vera is used to treat peptic ulcers. It has anti- Helicobacter pylori properties, which can cause stomach infections.

Aloe vera juice can also be used to clean the colon, which is a cleansing enema.

Because aloe vera juice has the ability to soothe the gastrointestinal tract, it can relieve the symptoms of heartburn and is well tolerated.

According to research, aloe vera juice is more effective than certain drugs in treating acid reflux. Especially decolorizing aloe vera gel has a better effect. In a 2015 American biological study, it was found that aloe vera gel can reduce the symptoms of gastric reflux better than some traditional medicines without any side effects.

2.Help the body detoxify

A study in the Italian Research Institute showed that the focus is on the detoxification effect of aloe vera, which proves that aloe vera helps to excrete toxins. The liver is one of the important organs for detoxification. Studies have shown that aloe vera has the effect of maintaining liver activity. In addition, the laxative aloe vera also helps to remove toxins from the digestive system.

According to another study in Turkey, aloe vera has a protective effect on the liver of diabetic patients, especially for patients with type 2 diabetes. The potassium in aloe vera juice helps stimulate the liver and kidneys, two vital organs of the body to detoxify. The uronic acid in aloe can also eliminate toxins in the cell.


Aloe is well known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can help treat irritable bowel syndrome. According to a study in Mexico, the anti-inflammatory ingredients in aloe vera can reduce skin inflammation, especially for foot care. Another study in Germany also confirmed the anti-inflammatory effect of aloe vera on the skin. Aloe vera juice can also reduce erythema caused by ultraviolet rays.

A hormone called gibberellin found in aloe vera can fight inflammation in diabetic patients. Aloe can not only treat other inflammations in the body and relieve the pain associated with it.

Aloe vera can also benefit people suffering from arthritis pain. According to a study, aloe vera can be used to treat chronic non-cancerous pain, especially pain caused by osteoarthritis. However, more in-depth research is still needed to determine a treatment for osteoarthritis.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera juice can relieve joint stiffness. Aloe gel can also be used to prepare nimesulide gum, which has significant anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

4.Promote heart health and control cholesterol levels

According to a research report, a group of 5,000 patients with chest pain or angina pectoris experienced relief of pain symptoms after ingesting aloe vera. Also found that cholesterol and diabetes blood sugar levels are reduced. In another study, patients with higher blood cholesterol levels reduced their overall cholesterol levels by 15% after 12 weeks of treatment with aloe vera.

An Indian study in rats showed that aloe vera can alleviate the side effects of the cancer treatment drug adriamycin on the heart.

Another study in India also proved the protective effect of aloe vera on the heart. Reduces the blood pressure level of diabetic patients.

According to a study in Iran, aloe vera can prevent atherosclerosis. It has been proven that aloe vera juice can prevent the formation of fat streaks, prevent the formation of dental plaque and protect the heart (a large number of studies have shown that caries and periodontal disease may be the cause of heart disease).

In a liver cholesterol level study, liver cholesterol levels in a control group with aloe vera were reduced by 30%.

Aloe vera juice can also expand capillaries and strengthen the walls of arteries. The vitamin C in aloe helps lower blood pressure. Vitamins are very important in the synthesis of collagen, which is an essential protein in blood vessels.

Aloe juice is rich in soluble fiber, anthraquinone, these important properties play a vital role in maintaining heart health.

5.Conducive to weight loss

Aloe vera juice helps to lose weight because of its anti-inflammatory properties. If the inflammation caused the weight gain caused by metabolic problems, aloe vera juice can play a role in promoting weight loss.

Aloe vera juice also contains aloin, which is an effective laxative so this may also help weight loss.

Aloe contains powerful sterols. In a rat experiment, obese rats fed with this sterol significantly reduced body fat content after 35 days, so humans may also have similar effects.

According to a Japanese study, intake of aloe vera can prevent obesity caused by diet, stimulate energy consumption, and reduce fat accumulation.

Aloe vera is also beneficial for obese patients with prediabetes or diabetes.

6.Control blood sugar levels

High sugar levels in diabetic patients are due to pancreatic problems responsible for the production of insulin or somatic insulin resistance, which results in less absorption of sugar by the cells. The body cannot convert excess blood sugar into glycogen so that sugar can accumulate in the blood to a level harmful to the body.

Preliminary studies have shown that the intake of aloe vera juice helps control blood sugar levels.

According to another analysis, diabetic patients with blood sugar exceeding 200 mg/dl can be treated with aloe vera on an empty stomach. Aloe vera juice also contains chromium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese, all of which can improve the effectiveness of insulin. This result needs further research to prove.

Another American study reported that a component of aloe vera called UP780 has been found to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Aloe vera juice may have a similar effect. Due to its ability to lower blood sugar, aloe vera is often used for diabetes treatment.

7.Helps fight cancer

Most anti-cancer drugs are derived from plants, and aloe vera is one of them. According to UAE research in the United Arab Emirates, aloe vera can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and even enhance the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs such as cisplatin.

A large amount of scientific evidence has shown the potential of aloe vera to prevent and treat various cancers. Aloe contains biologically active compounds such as aloin and lectin, which have anti-proliferative activity.

Aloe vera juice can also prevent the growth of cancer tumors. It can even lubricate the digestive tract and prevent colon cancer. More importantly, aloe vera can maximize the effectiveness of other anticancer drugs.

Aloe phytonutrient 6-diacetylmorphine (NMDA receptor antagonist) is a research hotspot in the scientific field in recent years. This study shows that aloe phytonutrients reduce cancer tumors and improve the therapeutic effect.

According to a study, aloe vera can also cure precancerous lesions. Aloe vera juice can also reduce the damage caused by chemotherapy. It can even reduce cancer cell proliferation and prevent cancer metastasis.

Aloe juice and its cancer treatment properties need more extensive scientific research support.

8.Beauty skincare/body moisturizing

Aloe vera juice contains nearly 200 active ingredients, which can undoubtedly replenish body moisture. It can relieve fatigue and thirst that can cause fatigue. And because it is rich in potassium, it improves energy levels.

According to a study in Brazil, aloe vera can also improve skin hydration. Aloe vera juice can also balance the body’s pH.

Aloe vera can heal wounds and soothe the skin. It can even treat eczema, dandruff, skin ulcers, and oral ulcers. Aloe vera gel has the effect of preventing scar formation and accelerating healing in helping to treat sunburn and shows strong healing activity.

Aloe vera juice can also moisturize your skin and prevent greasy and dryness.

The auxin and gibberellin in aloe vera can help heal acne (acne) and even treat scars because it contains substances that can relieve pain and inflammation.

Aloe vera can also help treat stretch marks caused during pregnancy. And its antibacterial properties can also inhibit psoriasis.

Aloe vera can also be used in cosmetics and can be used to remove makeup. It can replace all makeup removers that contain harsh chemicals. Aloe vera can be used as a facial cleanser or as an eyebrow gel by simply dipping the eyebrows with a mascara stick.

According to research, aloe vera can also improve wrinkles and skin elasticity of aging skin. According to a study in Iran, aloe vera can also accelerate wound healing.

Aloe vera gel can promote the growth of new skin cells. It can absorb 20% to 30% of ultraviolet rays.

Not only that, the antioxidants of aloe vera can slow down aging well. Aloe vera gel stimulates fibroblasts (which can produce collagen and other elastin fibers), making the skin more elastic and reducing wrinkles.

Aloe vera relieves the symptoms of eczema, this one comes from personal experience, not scientific support.

9.Improve oral health

Aloe can also be used to eliminate disease-causing bacteria in the mouth. An Indian study showed that aloe vera can be used without restrictions in dentistry. Aloe vera juice can also be used as an effective mouthwash without any side effects.

In one study, aloe vera juice significantly reduced dental plaque and gingivitis. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can also treat gingivitis caused by plaque.

10.Protect the health of hair

In addition to being used as a moisturizer for the skin, aloe vera juice also helps to keep the scalp smooth and promote hair growth.

The enzyme and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera juice can soothe and moisturize the scalp. This can also treat itchy scalp and dry hair.

Aloe vera juice also contains protease, which can remove dead skin that blocks hair follicles. The alkaline properties of aloe vera also balance the pH of the hair.

Aloe vera juice can also be used as a good hair conditioner to increase the luster of the hair and control frizziness. The vitamins and minerals in aloe vera juice can enhance hair strength.

According to an Iranian study, the antibacterial properties of aloe vera also help treat dandruff.

11.Enhance immunity/balance hormones

The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism against bacteria and other pathogens. Aloe vera juice can improve the body’s immunity. Drinking aloe vera juice before going to bed will run in the body system when you fall asleep. Long-term drinking can improve health and reduce diseases.

According to a Polish study, ingesting aloe vera can stimulate cellular and humoral immunity.

According to the National Cancer Institute, aloe vera gel can be used as an immune system booster.

Aloe vera is commonly used in many medicines to treat hormonal problems and pancreas and spleen related diseases.

12.Improve brain health

In one study, people who included aloe vera diet performed better in memory and recognition. The report also showed that aloe vera reduced the incidence of nervousness or low mood. These effects were due to the sugars in aloe vera.

Aloe vera juice also has a laxative effect. Excessive use can cause diarrhea, so it is not recommended for pregnant women and people with allergies.

Faq about aloe vera

Q: What are the side effects of eating aloe vera?

A: Eating aloe vera has no side effects, so you can eat it with confidence.

Q: Will eating aloe vera cause poisoning?

A: Most people who eat aloe vera are not poisoned, but some special people have different physiques, depending on the situation.

Q: Can eating aloe vera cure constipation?

A: Eating aloe will not cure constipation.

Q: Can eating aloe vera lose weight?

A: Aloe vera can not only lose weight but also promote the peristalsis of our intestines.
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